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Guide For Authors

Dear authors,

For considering the edition accepts manuscripts (articles, surveys, reviews, scientific essays, other papers) which were not published before and correspond to the subjects of the Journal. The original author’s texts must contain reasoning of urgency of the subject, accurate definition of the purpose and tasks of the research. The content of the article must correspond to edition subjects and contain generalizations, conclusions, which should cause interest with the novelty, scientific and practical significance. The manuscripts offered to the publication, pass obligatory reviewing.

The editorial board of the Journal does not enter into correspondence with the authors on issues of technique of writing and execution of scientific articles; it does not do operational work to develop the articles to the required scientific and methodical, literary level.

The editorial board of the Journal does not enter into substantial discussion with the authors of the articles.

Authors are not charged for publishing articles.

The scientific article, information about the authors should be sent in electronic form: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..